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TONY DAY BSc Dip Arch (Hons) RIBA

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Following deregulation of the power and telecoms market in the 1990’s Tony joined Waterfields Limited, one of the first datacenter design and build companies in Europe, as Technical Director and was responsible for the planning, design, and construction of over six million sqft of datacenter space across the UK and Europe.

Tony joined APC in May 2003 as Chief Engineer, Rack Cooling Solutions, and following their acquisition by Schneider Electric in 2007 became a founding member of Schneider’s Innovation Solutions Group within the office of the CTO. Working directly with clients on datacenter D&B projects including Ferrari, Sauber F1, Hinwil, Deutsche Bank and Capgemini.


Mentioning a few other key highlights in Tony's career include him presenting datacenter infrastructure technology at workshops for Iraq Government ministries in Damascus in 2006 and similar for various clients in Dubai. Industry consultancy development team member for Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, UAE 2009; a new city created in the desert and intended to become an exemplar as one of the world’s most sustainable cities.


He represented Schneider Electric in The Green Grid and on the original EU Code of Conduct: Energy Efficiency for Datacenters committee meetings. He was a member of The Green Grid Work Groups. He's a former Company representative on Birmingham City University Industrial Advisory Board and Chair of the Datacenters Professionalism Group at industry body ‘tech UK’. 

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