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Our Process

Since our parent company, Datacenter People, was formed in 2010 the firm has built up an impressive contact list of executives around the world. Initially clients, these executives now represent an impressive collection of potential candidates for other executive positions.  And we will carry on growing this executive network as we continue our event sponsorship activities, speaking opportunities and attendance at datacenter and related conferences around the world.

The key to our success is our knowledge of the industry and the companies operating within the sector, whether hyper-scale operators, colocation businesses, construction companies, consulting firms, manufacturers, facilities management or other corporations contributing to or supporting the sector worldwide. An intimate knowledge of the client and the business culture is essential.

When commissioned, we follow Portman's tried and tested OPERA process.

  • Objective setting - Agreeing with the client what is needed, the service to be provided and timescales.

  • Profiling - Establishing the job and person specification together with the job performance objectives

  • Exploring - Researching the market, identifying, screening and evaluating candidates

  • Recruiting- Interviewing, reference checking, closing the placement and on-boarding

  • Assessing- On-going monitoring and performance review

We seek candidates with potential and capability. Potential being qualities such as intellect, values and motivations, and capability being behaviours and experience. The latter being about what the candidate has done before or what they are capable of doing. Above all whether there is a good fit. Every time.