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Startup will build a $120m data centre in Alabama

AUBix LLC, a Data centre start-up intends to construct and run a $120 million data centre in Auburn, Alabama.

Set to come online in January 2022, the space will include 22,000 square feet of available data centre space and more than 3 megawatts of critical power capacity across two data halls with redundant power and cooling.

The facility will include office space, conference rooms, and tenant equipment storage.

The site can provide more than 12 megawatts total and represents an economic impact of around $300 million worth of investment.

Alabama Power Co has been contracted as the power supplier for the facility.

“This investment is evidence that Alabama continues to grow its high-tech footprint and the innovation capacity of its economy. I want to congratulate the team in Auburn for their success with this project. Our data show strong job growth in various regions in the state, and I am delighted in those opportunities for our citizens throughout Alabama.” Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey said. The co-founder and CEO, Andrew Albrecht, added, “Technology is a key factor achieving economic success in cities, communities and rural areas across the United States.

“For far too long, rural communities have not had the same access to technology infrastructure as other areas. Our goal at AUBix is to begin changing that scenario with an industry-leading ‘edge’ data centre here in Auburn.

“Our purpose-built data centre was designed to support high compute, low latency applications for local industries and academia that accelerates the area’s digital transformation.” This news came from The Tech Capital, read the full article here.

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