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Colocation and Hybrid Cloud Update

Data Center Knowledge explores the various ways colocation providers are positioning themselves to take advantage of the hybrid cloud trend. How can colocation providers remain competitive in a world where businesses expect the ability to integrate colocated infrastructure into hybrid cloud architectures?

This varies from provider to provider. Some data center providers are focusing on connectivity solutions, allowing customers to optimise network performance for workloads that span their facilities and the public cloud.

Other companies, are investing in management platforms to allow users to manage colocated workloads, by using the same API-centric approaches that they would use in the public cloud. Others have chosen managed services as the key approach.

From Public Cloud to Hybrid Via Colocation

All colocation providers agree that catering to customers who want to build hybrid architectures is how they will win business from enterprises that have come to realise that the public cloud doesn’t meet their needs.

Jacob Smith, VP of bare metal at Equinix, said Equinix was seeing strong growth from “cloud natives going hybrid.” In other words, many companies that built their applications in the public cloud from the beginning now see a benefit in having a blend of cloud resources and colocated infrastructure they can control.

Colocation providers were less concerned about their long-standing customers deciding to move some workloads out of colocation facilities and into public clouds, which would leave them with a hybrid strategy. The flow is generally in the opposite direction, with companies shifting public cloud investments into a hybrid model- involving colocation.

Interconnection and Hybrid Cloud

A majority of colocation providers pointed to their connectivity offerings as a key component of their strategy for meeting the needs of customers who are planning to nvest in hybrid architectures. QTS has built an entire interconnection platform, Switchboard, dedicated in part to this use case. CyrusOne COO John Hatem told us, “The biggest thing we offer for hybrid cloud is interconnect. ”Chris Sharp, CTO at Digital Realty, which recently announced a major new initiative and partnership around interconnection, said that “interconnection is foundational” for hybrid cloud.

Looking to The Future

Hybrid cloud strategies of all of the collocation providers are taking hold. We are seeing new announcements regarding this subject continually. Speaking to colocation executives, there is a sense that they’re still in experimentation mode, not yet sure exactly which parts of their hybrid strategies will prove most effective.

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