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Clean energy for data centre operations by 2040

DigitalBridge’s Scala Data Centers has signed a power purchase agreement with energy producer Engie Brasil Energia, meaning the power company will supply more than 1,600 GWh of clean energy by 2033 to the data centre operator.

“Offering solutions to decarbonise our customers’ operations is in line with ENGIE’s purpose of acting to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral society. Our partnership with Scala demonstrates the importance of sustainability as an added value for business prosperity, in harmony with the future of people and the planet.” said Eduardo Sattamini, CEO of ENGIE Brasil Energia.

The Brazilian data centre operator currently has three working facilities in São Paulo and one under construction and has planned to build two more centres outside of São Paulo. Its owner, DigitalBridge is in the process of acquiring new data centre locations in Mexico, Chile and Colombia, expected to be functioning by 2022/23.

“We focus on strategic partnerships that can scale and maintain our operation with the lowest possible environmental impact, without giving up the high quality and competitiveness that are recognized differentials of our company. Our commitment is to deliver value through a robust data centre operation that respects and preserves the environment. In this sense, we are happy and proud of Scala’s alignment with the agenda established by major global companies in the segment. And we hope that our leading role can inspire other Latin American companies to follow the same path.” Marcos Peigo, co-founder and CEO of Scala, said.

Source: The Tech Capital

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