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Throughout much of the first two decades of the 21st century, those considered great businesses were defined by disproportionately aggressive characteristics. They were lauded for being strong, forceful, take charge types who made their presence felt. They told people exactly what was expected of them and  let nothing deter them from achieving objectives. They were the ones who stepped up to make the tough decisions. They were also often rude, uncivil micromanagers, creating toxic environments and inspiring loyalty out of fear from their employees.

"Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm."


The time of tolerating this manner of toxicity is over, and businesses today require a new type of leadership. Termed ‘innovative leadership,’ today’s senior executives apply innovation and creativity to managing people, projects and the company as a whole. Innovative leadership inspires teams to contribute and elevate their own participation in the company’s growth. Employees at companies that are led with innovation  leaders are more productive, have much lower churn rates, burn out rates and much higher levels of commitment, loyalty and drive to exceed expectations.

innovative leadership meeting


Portman Partners believes the best futures and business outcomes will arrive with the rise of innovative leadership. Through its executive search and advisory services, we are committed to ensuring that the digital infrastructure industry executives we place, are proactive listeners and clear communicators that will invigorate our clients business, inspire its teams and drive them to achieve their goals with clear direction in a positive environment where people can thrive.

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