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Specialist Areas: People

Catherine believes in people and thinks that everyone has the opportunity to be brilliant at work, as long as they are in the right role and the right company.

Through business psychology and an understanding of how business strategy is translated into people capability to achieve top line growth, she has worked with many organisations to get huge returns for her clients.

Her business, Alchemy, is a consultancy that predicts human performance at work. Using The Chemistry Group's “What Great Looks Like” (WGLL™) methodology she helps client organisations define the human talent they need to meet/exceed their business objectives. With WGLL™ defined, Alchemy can then design and deliver robust assessments of external candidates or existing employees that offer actionable insight in to their potential and current capability.

Catherine has worked in many markets, predominantly concentrating on leading global people change programmes for clients such as Co-op, Just Eat, Vodafone, RSA, Betfair, Cable and Wireless (including its operating branch LIME in Miami and the Caribbean) British Airways, Harrods, HS2 and many more.

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