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Specialist Areas: Talent and Talent Development 

Adelle has worked in the Digital Infrastructure sector since graduation, from start up to public listed with remits across EMEA and APAC, with two relocations in the mix: UK to Australia and now Ireland. 

The majority of Adelle's career has been in the 'marketing department' where she created and led an award winning early careers function for an international telco firm demonstrating that her passion to provide for the next generation has a place in her professional endeavours. 

Adelle is committed to driving real tangible change in the industry surrounding talent. Addressing the taboos and the more overt subtopics related to the skills gap that the industry faces, Adelle is determined to work with organisations who embrace the idea that inertia, when it comes to the talent agenda, is no longer acceptable. 

Adelle was a runner up at the DCS Awards ‘Datacenter Individual of the year’ in 2015, she is a member of the DCA Advisory board and founder of HireHigher. Adelle is never too far from ensuring her cause is heard across the sector. 

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