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Since its inception in 2018, the Portman team has been made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing with them a rich heritage and unique perspectives. These backgrounds shape and inform the insightful perspectives Portman brings to its searches. Whether it's the individual histories, insights, or values, our collective heritage is integral to who we are.

Our reputation for excellence was built on personal relationships, exceptional service, and 100% successful delivery. At Portman, we are passionate about the digital infrastructure industry, the people leading it, and the new talent emerging from the sector and beyond. Serving as your strategic partner, Portman provides real-time market information, advising on hiring processes and strategic measures that ensure you have the right personnel on time and on budget.

Founded by industry veteran Peter Hannaford, who was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Datacloud Congress in Monaco for “outstanding achievement spanning one’s entire career” and the following year was included in the Power 200 list of personalities around the world who "are leading the Datacenter and cloud sectors through charting new innovations or technological breakthroughs, investment or business acumen or exceptional entrepreneurial skillsets",

Rich Heritage.


Portman Partners focuses exclusively on the Digital Infrastructure industry, with a keen focus on the datacenter sector. Our market expertise and first-hand knowledge have elevated us to become the industry’s leading executive search firm, working with top clients from the datacenter, internet, and cloud infrastructure sectors. Unique in our field, we are dedicated to finding top talent for industry investors, hyperscale operators, regional colocation, designers, construction firms, plant, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and technology companies globally.


Our clients desire potential and capability, qualities such as intellect, values, motivation, proven leadership ability and experience. They seek candidates who will make a significant impact on their businesses. As a niche executive search firm, we know how to identify, attract, and hire top talent for leadership positions, and because we partner with our clients to best understand their specific needs, culture, and goals, we can swiftly provide the right people resulting in a 'best fit' for both our client and the candidate.​

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Unique Perspectives.


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Talent Doesn’t Just Come Knocking! Portman Partners are adept at identifying emerging talent and leaders, looking beyond the candidate's experience to see their potential. Capability is as crucial as proven ability, if not more so. Using bespoke tools, we identify candidates' natural proclivities, generating insight into each candidate's impact and how that impact will bring value to the organization. Establishing potential impact-role fit reduces turnover and improves candidate engagement, ensuring 'best fit'.


Above all, Portman's industry focus and knowledge, along with our expertise in senior-level search, have demonstrated that we know whether a candidate will be a good fit with your company. We get it right the first time, every time.

Unique Insight.


Portman Partners' searches focus on leadership roles from the Director level and up across all business disciplines, including NEDs, Board Members, C-Suite, Finance, IT, Sales, Legal, Operations, Engineering, Construction, Sustainability, and HR. Portman Partners has the network and reach required to headhunt and fill any leadership position in the Datacenter sector and Digital Infrastructure industry.

Recent placements include:


  • Account Director, Korea | OEM Immersion Cooling

  • Business Development Executive EMEA | Global Datacenter Provider

  • Business Unit Director, Singapore | FM Sales & Services

  • CEO, Madrid | DCIM Start-Up

  • CEO, Thailand | Hyperscale Datacenter Operator

  • CEO, UK | Datacenter Operator

  • CEO, Zurich | Datacenter CoLo

  • Commercial Director, EMEA | USA Management Consultancy

  • Construction Director, USA | Datacenter CoLo

  • Construction Director, USA | Search-Engine Hyperscale

  • Customer Solutions Engineer EMEA | Global Datacenter Provider

  • Director of Global Datacenter Construction, UK | Multinational manufacturer of DC infrastructure

  • General Manager, Germany | OEM Cooling Infrastructure

  • Head of Service Operations, UK | Multinational Telco & Datacenter Provider

  • MD, London | Datacenter CoLo

  • MD, Singapore | Multinational construction, property & investment company

  • MD, UK | Cooling Manufacturer

  • President, APAC | Global Datacenter Provider

  • President/COO, India | Datacenter Operator

  • Sales Director, UK | Multinational Telco & Datacenter Provider

  • Sales Director, EMEA | Multinational Telco & Datacenter Provider

  • Senior CFM, USA | French Multinational Global Electrical Management

  • Senior Manager, Sales & Solutions Engineering, EMEA | Global Datacenter

  • Senior Sales Director, EMEA | Global Datacenter Provider

  • Solutions Architect, Seoul | OEM Immersion Cooling

  • VP & GM, APAC | USA Datacenter Cooling Manufacturer

  • VP Business Development, EMEA | OEM Immersion Cooling

  • VP Global Sales, USA | DC Modelling Software

  • VP Land Acquisition, EMEA | Global Datacenter Provider

  • VP Sales, APAC | Global Datacenter Provider

  • VP Sales, China | Battery Monitoring

  • VP Sales, EMEA | Global Datacenter Provider

  • VP Sales, EMEA | Global Datacenter Provider

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