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The internet controls almost every aspect of our lives. And the datacenter is the power station of the internet. Providing and maintaining the infrastructure for Cloud, Edge, IOT and AI. In today’s competitive and changing datacenter landscape we need leaders who can innovate, inspire and create environments where teams of self-motivated employees thrive and grow. Picking a winning executive team is more than hiring friends or ex-colleagues from within the datacenter industry. Intelligence, behaviour, values, motivation and persistence are paramount. As is the ability to assimilate the corporate culture. Experience is about what has been done before and demonstrates capability. But potential comes from intellect, values and the right motivation. And although some of the best candidates can be found outside of the datacenter sector, they certainly need to understand the industry, the competition, and what it takes to be successful. The personal experience of our partners and associates stretches from planning and designing datacenters, through construction, operations, infrastructure product management, DCIM, connectivity, cloud engineering and facilities management.  We help our clients find the people who understand technology, and know how to implement effective cloud-based solutions in alignment with business strategies. And we help them plan and structure their global organisation, advising on roles and responsibilities - and find the leaders to build infrastructure, network and winning cloud offerings, placing them at the forefront of the digital world. Whilst other executive search firms exist we're confident that with over 30 years experience in our field there is none better qualified to seek out executive talent on your behalf in this sector than Portman Partners, the Executive Search division of the Datacenter People Group – the #1 firm in global datacenter talent acquisition.

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  • Unique Executive Search firm dedicated to finding leaders in this world of Digital Transformation

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Portman Partners understands the unique requirements of the datacenter and cloud sector. I am confident in their expertise, they will find you the top executives for your business.
— Peter Gross, Vice President - Bloom Energy




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Areas of Practice

Executive Search                                                           

Finding the ideal candidate to fill a vacancy on your executive board, in a senior team or for a specialist position requires the services of a consultancy with an intimate inside knowledge of the datacenter industry, cloud and the digital economy that it supports. Recruiting for C-Level executive and leadership positions requires a different approach to traditional recruiting. Discrete and confidential discussions on both sides.

Portman Partners call upon their experience and personal contacts built up over forty years of designing, building and operating datacenters and selling into the datacenter market.


Non-Executive directors, consulting and Advisory

Moving into new regions, countries and territories can be daunting and risky to new entrants. Launching new products and services requires a deep understanding of the market and competition. Mergers and acquisitions will require careful due diligence to be performed.

Portman has a network of senior executives who can bring a wealth of experience to assist other organisations in periods of growth or change. An NED is a member of a company's board of directors who is not part of the executive team but is generally involved in policy making and planning. In addition,  an NED may be required by shareholders to represent their interests at board level. For clients, recruiting an NED can help take the business to new levels. 


interim executives                                                        

Unlike short-term consulting or longer term NED and advisory services, Interim Executive is the provision of very experienced and highly qualified  senior executives for full-time assignments for fixed terms, typically between six and twelve months, and at short notice, to provide cover during mergers and acquisitions, business transformations or crisis management.

Our intimate knowledge of the datacenter and associated landscapes can ensure that the right senior executive is rapidly found to effectively manage the tasks in hand.


The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.
— Ralph Nader